FIEs mission is to provide creative works of art for clients to help them exceed in their communicative needs.  We also are aimed to exceeding expectations in the best customer service available with speed and accuracy.

Focused In Entertainment is a Production Company that offers a wide range of video production services.  Our experienced production crews have worked on various projects from Commercials, Feature Films, Industrial Videos and Music Videos.  We offer the talent of some of the freshest producers, directors and editors in the Entertainment Industry.  From a small production to a large production, you can depend on Focused In Entertainment to service your video needs.

We stay committed to keeping productions on schedule and under budget.  By spending precious time on pre-production, we can prevent the usual problems that occur when shooting starts and run a smooth production day.  Our team is strongly committed to taking your product from concept to completion.

Multimedia is the best way to reach a mass audience and to get your product noticed.  Because of video multimedia, business can communicate their product with the general public or other businesses in a cost effective way.  We specialize in Multimedia and deliver all products within a fast turnover time.

We can create various projects for your company:


  • Commercials and Infomercials
  • Training Videos
  • Product and Service Promotion
  • DVD Presentations or CD – ROM Presentations
  • Music Videos
  • Short Films
  • Instructional Videos
  • Live Event Recording
  • Video Magazines
  • And more depends on your needs


Contact us for any local Charity Events . We will be more than glad to participate with photos and videos

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